dxme can provide your company with an event installation as a pop-up, in a booth, at an arena, a golf course or other place of your choice. This has been very successful many times and at several events. Many visitors have described the dxme installation as the most fun and innovative setup at the fair pulling in crowds of people.

You decide

-       what prints that will be co-created by the visitor to your event.

-       if touch screen or AR-goggles should be used for the co-creation process

-       what textile products in cotton will be used.

-       if it will be giveaways or if you want to sell the products and to what price.


-       provides with event staff if needed

-       assists or make the design based on your request.

-       provides with garments preferably to secure print quality but other arrangements are possible.

-       setting up the installation within 2 hours. Only a space of 10 sqm will be needed and 220 v electricity.