dxme - authorized Magic Leap reseller

dxme is an official reseller of Magic Leap headsets and software in Scandinavia. 

Magic Leap 2 has recently been released with amazing and improved features.

Magic Leap 2 is the he most immersive AR platform for enterprises, 
available now!

Please contact dxme at info@dxme.se to buy Magic Leap 2 headsets and software or if you want help with a project or implementation. We have extensive experience of using Magic Leap headsets.

Magic Leap 2 benefits

Most immersive 
Magic Leap 2 is the most immersive AR device on the market. It features industry leading optics with up to 70° diagonal FOV; the world’s first dynamic dimming capability; and powerful computing in a lightweight ergonomic design to elevate enterprise AR solutions. 

Built for enterprise 
Magic Leap 2 delivers a full array of capabilities and features that enable rapid and secure enterprise deployment. With platform-level support for complete cloud autonomy, data privacy, and device management through leading MDM providers, Magic Leap 2 offers the security and flexibility that businesses demand.

Empowering  developers 
Magic Leap 2's open platform provides choice an ease-of-use with the AOSP-based OS and support for leading open software standards. The platform also supports your choices of engines and tools and is cloud agnostic. Magic Leap 2's robust developer portal provides the resoutces and tools needed to learn, build and punlish innovative solutions.

Types of devices

Magic Leap 2 Base 
Magic Leap 2 Base targets professionals and developers that wish to access one of the most advanced augmented reality devices available. Use in full commercial deployments and production environments is permitted. The device includes a 1-year limited warranty.    

Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro    
Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro provides access to developer tools, sample projects, enterprise-grade features, and monthly early releases for development and test purposes. Recommended only for internal use in the development and testing of applications. Use in full commercial deployments and production environments is not permitted. Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro will include a 1-year limited warranty.   

Magic Leap 2 Enterprise 
Magic Leap 2 Enterprise is targeted for environments that require flexible, large scale IT deployments and robust enterprise features. This tier includes quarterly software releases fully manageable via enterprise UEM/MDM solutions. Use in fully commercial deployments and production environments is permitted. Magic Leap 2 Enterprise comes with 2 years of access to enterprise features and updates and includes an extended 2-year limited warranty.