SODA x dxme - a collaboration that swags

The quality management software company SODA asked if dxme could provide a print on demand solution on site for the Big data fair in Kista with the purpose to increase traffic to their booth. 

The AR Swag bar was created with specific prints for SODA. The collaboration turned out to be a huge success and many visitors described that it was the best booth at the fair. 

The orderer, Natasha Lauer, head of Marketing, was also very happy and initiated a collaboration for several other fairs which so far resulted exhibitions at the Big data Expo in Utrecht, Netherlands and Big data LDN in London, UK. At all of the exhibitions, crowds of people turned up at the SODA booth and listened to SODA sales people. After that, a t-shirt was co-created in AR with a unique SODA print for that specific event.  

Event images